International jury

The international jury will meet at two moments. One, August — October 2023, to select 10% to 15% of the anonymous entries. The second, end November 2023, to choose the winners and runners-up. 

The jury will be composed by 9 members and 2 deputies of wich: 

- 5 are international personnalities 

- 3 are local authorities representatives

- 5 are urban, landscape and architecture specialists

- 1 is a public figure

International Personnality

Carlos Arroyo


Carlos Arroyo is the founder and director of Carlos Arroyo Architects, a Madrid-based firm with works in Spain, Belgium, France, Germany, UK and Rwanda, exploring a varied range of fields with a special emphasis on sustainable development and research into new forms of housing. His benchmarks include the first C2C certified building in France, the first six star certified green building in tropical Africa, or a building already labeled as heritage (patrimonium voor de toekomst) in Belgium.His work is published worldwide as well as featured in major exhibitions like the Venice Biennale, Paris’s Centre Pompidou, or Seul’s Dongdaemun Design Plaza. 

He has been a guest professor and lecturer at many universities and institutes all over the world including Princeton, MIT, BerlinTU, Bauhaus, Politecnico di Milano and Tokyo University.

He currently teaches at the Universidad Europea de Madrid (ES), where he is Academic Curator of the Master in Architecture.

Wallonia Representative

Valerie Depaye


Director at ERIGES. She holds a master degree in Romance philology from the University of Liège and she is trained in marketing and socio-economic management. She has been leading the implementation of the Master Plan of Seraing (an industrial city of 65 000 inhabitant) since the creation of the autonomous local authority ERIGES in 2007. Prior to that, she collaborated with and directed the economic development agency AREBS. Before these 11 years of collaboration, she was professor of French language in various establishments in Liège. 

She is passionate — among other things — about urban planning, living in the city” and brownfield reconversion. Since 2017 she is part of Expertalia, a network of experts founded by the AJP (Association des Journalistes Professionnels francophones et germanophones) to diversify by gender and origin the access to expertise. 

Since 2020, she’s involved in a university certificate on degraded land.

Flander Representative

Hardwin De Wever


Director of the Urban Renewal Projects division at AG VESPA (City of Antwerp) and Professor of Design Studio at the University of Antwerp. Former president of the Flemish Association of Spatial Planners (2006−2008). He holds a Master in Architecture at UGent, a Master in Human Settlements at KULeuven and a Master in Urban Planning at UAntwerp, followed by a vast expertise in Urban Planning with focus in urban policy making, complex planning processes and concrete project management. He specializes in Urban planning policies, urbanistic supervision, capacity building, team management and participation with a particular regard and knowledge of the Antwerp Region. Here, his experience ranges from the coordination of the Spoor Noord project (2000−2008) to the direction and process management of urban strategic projects and programmes for AG Vespa and the City of Antwerp (2009−2021).

Internationally he has been involved in urban projects and policy making in Vinh City (Vietnam), Paramaribo (Suriname), Shantou (China) and Fort Portal (Uganda).